Mujer U’wa supports Indigenous U'wa women in the jungles of Colombia to build female leadership, as they contribute to peace building in a war zone and a territory that is rich in petroleum and natural resources. Their strength, commitment, love and depth show through-- as they conduct workshops deep in the jungle, learn traditional weaving, organize around food security, study law and medicine, and protect sacred sites.

Mujer U'wa is made up of Indigenous U'wa women in Colombia and Indigenous & Latina women volunteers in the SF Bay Area, we raise funds, spread awareness and build community. We are an all volunteer, grassroots, women-led organization and we invite you to join us!

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Core Organizing Committee
Ana Maria Murillo, Sandra Alvarez, Nefertiti Altan, Michelle Gutierrez, Camille Chico and Susana Caceres.
Oakland, Berkeley and New York City